Grease management

Fats, oils, grease and food waste cause major problems in our drains and sewers. When disposed of down kitchen sinks, toilets or drains, this waste congeals to form blockages which can lead to flooding and pollution. Our product range is designed to assist in the management of grease. 

The Jumbo Range

Wastewater from commercial kitchens is contaminated with FOGS (fats, oils and greases). The introduction of FOG’s and food solids into the general drainage/sewage system (either main sewage network or private treatment facilities) is detrimental to its proper function and has been shown to be a significant cause of blockages, restrictions and so increasing flood risk.

So it is essential that well designed Grease Management Products and Systems are installed by catering establishments, food processing facilities and any other locations where there is a need to protect the drainage system from blocking up due to FOG’s solidifying.

The Jumbo range of grease traps is one such product. Designed in the UK and first launched into the market in 2009 the Jumbo conforms with the then draft standard BS EN1825 and also the existing UK Building Regulations Part H.

Since its launch in 2009, thousands of Jumbo Grease Traps have been installed throughout the UK and indeed worldwide. The Jumbos unique patented design and process performance has established it as a leading and effective grease management system. 

Now with 3 models available with Nominal Sizes from 1 to 3, all designed to comply with the design calculations in BS EN1825 part 1 and 2. The range will cater for kitchens and restaurants up to 500 covers per day

Jumbo Underground Trap

These days a grease treatment system should be specified and installed as an integral part of the drainage design on restaurants, catering establishments and process plants and abattoirs, particularly those connected to a packaged sewage treatment systems. The specification of the correct grease treatment system is imperative in supporting the drainage system and the sustainability and performance of the final treatment process.

The Jumbo design reflects 25 years of industry experience and product design. Manufactured from high-density


Jumbo Aboveground Trap

Designed to comply with BS EN1825 and also the existing UK
Building Regulations Part H. The Jumbo AG range features a
unique patented design and process performance that has
established it as a leading and effective grease management
The Jumbo AG comes in 2 sizes AG1 is 525 litres and AG2 is
680 Lltres which caters for larger kitchens and small to medium
hotel restaurants with up to 500 covers per day


FOGI Fat and Grease Interceptors

The FOGI Grease interceptor/separator range has been designed to conform to both Building Regulations Part H and also BSEN 1825 the British Standard for Grease Separators/Interceptors. The FOGI’s design will effectively intercept (FOGS) fats, oils and greases and solids before they enter a wastewater drainage system in so supporting the effectiveness of both the drainage system and the final treatment process.

FOGI interceptors/separators are designed for larger kitchens and restaurants as well as use in industrial food processing applications and meet all the requirements of the relevant legislation.

Wastewater which includes FOGs (Fats, Oils and Greases) enters the FOGI via the inlet pipe and immediately the lighter oils and grease will begin to separate out in the cooler water already inside the FOGI Any solids within the flow, being heavier, will drop to the base of the FOGI and over time will form as a sludge which should be removed periodically. All FOGI units have been designed to retain the minimum solids/sludge according to BSEN 1825.

In the middle section of the FOGI between the base sludge and suspended FOGs the outlet pipe is situated. Cleaner mid water will discharge at that point from the unit.


Optional Extras

Extension Risers

Extension risers are available for all the units (as shown above). These accommodate the respective access and access cover and can be cut to the desired length with a standard saw. We recommend no more than 1000mm of extension is used via extension risers.

For deeper inverts use prefabricated concrete rings or sections


Flow Splitter

Flow Splitters can be attached to the inlet of the FOGI.

The flow splitter splits and distributes the influent in separate directions which supports effective oil and grease separation.


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