Safely and Efficiently Remove Grease-laden Vapours and Unpleasant Odours

This helps to prevent grease build up and assist in the ongoing control and maintenance. 

Remove vapours and unpleasant odours

The purpose of the Ecotec Kitchen Extract System Cleaning in your food outlet is to safely remove grease-laden vapours and unpleasant odours generated by cooking processes from the kitchen environment.

Help to prevent Kitchen Fires

The Ecotec Kitchen Extract System Cleaning effectively managers grease build up and with it the possibility of a fire.

Ecotec Power

Ecotec is ready to tackle the cleaning of your kitchen hoods, ducts and other large equipment to help keep you operating at your best. Cross contamination with food preparation can cause quite an unsanitary situation.

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Safely removes grease-laden vapours and unpleasant odours

Can help dramatically reduce the risk of fire

Meets EU's stringent standards, including HVCA TR/19 guidelines


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